Insulated ceramic Kamado shell Steel construction
Ceramic prevents heat from escaping Loses heat through thin steel walls
Rust proof ceramic design Vulnerable to rust
Convection design circulates heat evenly Box design creates hot & cold grill spots
No flare ups Prone to flare ups
Fastest startup time in its class Long start-up
Quick clean-up Clean-up requires disassembly
Largest shelf surface area in its class Very minimal shelf space
“Set-it & Forget-it” Controls Controls are often complicated
Up to 50,000 BTU’s Up to 36,000 BTU’s
Achieves searing temperatures in 5 minutes Long cooking time, for steak
Largest temperature range Average temperature range
No drip tray required Grease collector required
Proudly made in North America Made in China
Patented burner technology Standard pellet engine