Our grill combines the benefits of a charcoal grill with the speed and convenience of a gas grill.
The Black Olive grills are not affected by varying air intake conditions, and do not require constant airflow adjustment.
No messy refueling in the middle of a long “slow-cook session”; the Black Olive Grill automatically adds fuel from the hopper as needed.
Spend less time tending to your grill, the Black Olive grill provides consistent, even temperatures with our “Set it & Forget it” Controls.
With consistent temperatures your grill is great at smoking, baking, roasting, grilling & searing.
Tired of flare-ups destroying your food? The Black Olive patented burner system prevents just that from happening.
Pellet fuel is an efficient, renewable fuel source, more environmentally friendly than charcoal.
Pellets are available in many natural flavors: Hickory, Apple and Mesquite and many, many more…