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"The Black Olive is a cruise control Kamado Grill! It allows me to grill and smoke on high and low temperatures I can reach in minutes with set it and forget it controls. This BBQ is a real beast, I dare anyone to try it and compare. This is an amazing new product that will change the game of BBQ’ing!"

—Justin da Silva

"The fact that it’s the first pellet fuelled kamado of its kind means that it comes with additional hardware and bits and pieces that you’d think would be a nightmare to deal with but the company have taken appropriate steps to ensure that your purchase goes together in less than an hour..."

—The Grateful Griller

"The Black Olive already have a devoted fan base across North America and they’re just getting started!

Partially pre-assembled and stacked with all the features and benefits one would expect to pay for a cooker like this (and some) these guys are in it and in it big time from the looks of things and I can’t help but constantly ask myself where they are going to go from here. I can only assume its up, up and AWAY!!!!"

—The Grateful Griller

"The Black Olive has given me much to think about as it relates to the masses of people and soon to be fans of this invention who perhaps favour convenience and speed not to mention the cleanliness aspect, (because lets face it, charcoal can be a tad messy) who are going to flock like mad to pick one of these babies up for their own deck at home, and why not? It’s truly innovative and intelligent technology that is going to turn this category upside down."


—The Grateful Griller

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